Who we are?

We are part of a circle of friends from various backgrounds but united around the same concern: Human.

We believe that every life matters and that everyone is concerned. By our origins, our education and our experiences, we have certainly been inspired by great men and women who have worked all their lives for this humanitarian cause: Mother Teresa, Abbé Pierre, Sister Emmanuelle or Father Pedro currently in Madagascar. Far from us claiming to do the same, however, we have a real desire to improve the daily lives of these children, little by little, project by project.

We met in France, but many of us are from Madagascar.

Fourth poorest country in the world, with a poverty rate of 76%, we cannot remain indifferent to the situation in this country. The images conveyed by the media and social networks, the recent trips made to the Big Island, testify to unworthy living conditions. However, observing children with uncertain futures and who have nothing, but always smiling, motivates us to get involved even more. Because even if there are already many organizations and associations working with children in Madagascar, there is still a lot to do for 27 million inhabitants spread over 592,000 km2 …

“ANTSO” thus was born, and the choice of the name was not made at random. “Antso” means “appeal” in Malagasy, and perfectly sums up our initiative:

  • “Antso” with the help of these Malagasy children little heard and largely forgotten in our daily Western lives.
  • “Antso” to donors with a link with Madagascar or wishing to work in humanitarian aid by helping Malagasy children.
  • “Antso” to volunteers who wish to help us in the field.
  • National and international “Antso” to anyone touched by the humanitarian causes we defend, and wishing to join us in this great adventure, wherever they are and whatever their situation.


  • Take concrete action and change things to make a difference
  • Make a contribution and innovate

This is what we want to start today, with your involvement!

1€ = 4 524 ariary

(i.e. more than 20,000 Malagasy francs)

Every euro makes the difference!